It’s never too early for beer

me = Russell Walker
Denesh = the dude doing Acolytes

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              me: are you a fan of the band Pussy Riot?
              Denesh: i’m rubbish at interviews we possibly have to edit a lot out
              who are they?
              looking at them on the bbc now
3:29 PM   me: they are a good band

3:30 PM   Denesh: ok
              me: that answers that question. i see the stone roses has reformed
              Denesh: yes
              this guy from work went to see them and this weird family was there watching
              they passed him the england flag and he spat on it and then stamped on it
              then threw it back in the crowd
              me: hahahha
3:31 PM   me: i think thats good. you don’t?
              Denesh: it’s great
              if it wasn’t geared towards his own twisted idea of the nation
3:32 PM   does this have to be a serious interview?
              me: yes
              Denesh: can’t we just tell loads of lies like octogram?
              me: yes to that as well
3:33 PM
           me: the english flag is a weird one. i went to football with my dad in the nineties             and they sold them, and one day i just bought one, i was only about 13, because it               had arsenal on it, accross the middle. i think it really freaked my dad out,
              understandably. i didn’t really understand the connotations.
              Denesh: i’m not trying to be overtly political
3:35 PM   it’s just no one really knows what this means
              the england flag
              the country
              me: the country has gone mad
              Denesh: i think people have a better idea of what it meant in the 90s
              but having an england flag now is an empty gesture
3:36 PM   me: morrissey had one in the 90’s didn’t he, and the NME said he was racist
3:37 PM   when the NME is the most conservative paper other than the Daily Mail
              Denesh: it’s awful
3:38 PM   i do like the stone roses tho
i was waiting for a train a while ago, so i went into WH Smith and picked up               the NME, and other than having a load of publicists waffling on, it had this feature               encouraging bands to get business accounts with Lloyds TSB
              Denesh: the stone roses are alright
3:39 PM   me: i prefer the happy mondays. i would need to be very bored before i read the               book ‘Retromania’ though.

Happy Mondays – Wrote for luck (from “Bummed)

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              Denesh: russell. we have to take anything overtly political out of this interview
3:44 PM   me: yes.. people who know us will think we’ve gone insane
              Denesh: no it’s not that
              i think everyone places this post internet personal politics card
              it’s boring
              i mean reading about it all the time
              better to say nothing that ram it down people’s throats
3:45 PM actually i’m sick of hearing about it
here’s one: the engine rooms gig in brighton about 6(?) years ago. Mad
              Headed Octogram was playing & you were in a band
              Denesh: yes
              the sword drawings
              me: ah, thats it
              with Doig
              Denesh: this is a band where me and doig cut our teeth
              we didn’t have jobs so used to practice every day
3:46 PM this band was better when it wasn’t a band so to speak
              i never really enjoyed gigging
              me: well i performed that night in MHO, who hadn’t practiced before
              and it was a bit awkward
              Denesh: yeah, i didn’t understand what was going on when MHO played
3:47 PM in fact is still don’t! but enjoyed it
              all of that era is a bit of a haze actually
              my memory is terrible
              me: there is a video but i don’t think he will ever let it out get out there
3:48 PM it was just before the pheromoans so bands were a bit of a mystery to me – i just               remember being impressed people knew how to play instruments and things
              Denesh: haha yeah, that circa 2005 dalston «prog» scene
              load of wankery
3:49 PM   me: ha yes. what is everyone into now?
              Denesh: dunno. everyone just listens to whatever
              different people into different
              it’s keeby’s brithday next weekend in york
              i haven’t spoke to him in a while. no idea what he’s up to
3:50 PM   me: i saw him in leeds when we played.
              Denesh: O yea?
3:51 PM   me: yes leeds. i stayed in a corporate hotel, away from the other members of the
              band! i found it hilarious. it only cost me £20 or something for the room. btw, i
              should set the record straight – MHO is a very good band, it was just it lasted so               long everyone sobered up. christian had this thing called Wild Street Dancer -
3:52 PM   «Wild Street Dancer – reformed character – wild beautiful bouncer»
              Denesh: haha
              me: it always went down well with the doormen
3:53 PM Denesh: hah.
              so what’s next for Savoury Days?
              got any releases on the horizon?
              me: i think tom james scott (experimental guitar) and luke (of Helm and Birds of delay)               are making an album
              Denesh: cool
3:54 PM   really?
              luke younger?
              me: yes… i THINK

Helm - excerpt of “Impossible Symmetry” (on PAN)

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Tom James Scott – Skire (from “Crystals”, released on Carnivals)

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              Denesh: have you heard that harwoods record?
           that he made with john hamilton and harwood (Mark Harwood runs Penultimate               Press)?
3:55 PM   me: Did you know James Tranmer (of The Sticks and The Pheromoans) is
            quite a big collector of 60’s garage punk singles.. and he is compiling some, with               the blessing of the artists, which is taking a while

The Sticks – Gunrada woz ‘ere (from “I don’t like it” on Sixteen Tambourines)

              sorry, erm – i know. i speak to mark harwood now and again on the internet
              Denesh: i saw he had a bunch of amazing lo fi records when he djed
3:56 PM   me: yes he is a geek
              oh god i’m deleting that
             Denesh: we should delete most of this. sorry. this interview thing. i don’t have the               skill set for this
3:57 PM   me: well we might as well keep going, and just keep the okay bits…?
              Denesh: yeah.
              i got those records back from harwood
              for record store day
              me: oh yes
              Denesh: i’m the only person to have bought on
              me: its a sign of the times
              Denesh: i prefer buying on the internet anyway
              not sure if i can stand going into a shop
yes, you keep recommending good records to me, but they always cost
              about £40
3:59 PM Denesh: err yeah. i’m a bit of a collector
              but since this is like the only thing i spend money on i think it’s ok
              i don’t even own half the equipment i used to make the record
              me: did you buy that pub furniture in the end?
4:00 PM Denesh: and the track on the second side, the one that’s like .50 seconds long
              is only that long because gemma sold the organ i was using on it
              so couldn’t finish it!
              i bought all this weird furniture
              me: ha..
              Denesh: never spend more than £10 on any furniture
              there’s no need
              6 chairs for £30
4:01 PM   like weatherspoons chairs
            me: did you watch that thing with grayson perry the other night, about                             furniture?
              Denesh: no
              i watched that bbc post punk documentary tho
              me: oh i thought it was pub garden furniture, that you were putting indoors!
              Denesh: no
              i have some taste!
4:02 PM   me: oh the PPD (post punk doc). i can’t stand that band, Gang of FOur
              Denesh: yeah but PIL were on it

and Crass as well

Crass – Do They Owe Us A Living (from “Feeding of the 5000″)

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              i fucking hate those docs. it’s all about cultivating the mythology that surrounds               those bands
4:03 PM   me: yes, i thought the only ones who came accross well was Mark Stewart..
              he said something like,
              «punk was not about fat 40 year olds on bbc4!
              Denesh: but they weren’t interested in people saying anything in that doc
              it was so heavily edited
4:04 PM   me: johnny rotten referred to «the shitstem»
            Denesh: you can tell they interviewed most of the «players» at that time for a long               time but heavily edited it down to juicy tidbits
              me: ie the system, being shit
              Denesh: haha
              me: (back in 20 seconds)
              Denesh: love rotten
              much better than jah wobble
              spurs fan
4:05 PM i think it’s wobble who’s the spurs fan
              me: yes he is, did you read his book?
4:06 PM   Denesh: no. i read a book about pil tho
              called metal box
             that stated when he was kicked out of the band al he did was work on the london               underground and watch spurs
              me: jah wobble’s book is really good!
              Denesh: i think wobble had a practice room in stratford
4:07 PM when we were kids we used to practice in this space near stratford and there               was a room with jah wobble’s name writted on the door
              shit practice studio
              fucking awful
              all the gear was always broken
              even worse than audio underground!!!
4:08 PM me: oh god… the best practice space in north london is manor house but we can               never get in there because you have booked it
            Denesh: yeah. i don’t use it much any more. but i’ve quit my job so plan on using               it more often
4:09 PM   the best PIL album is flowers of romance
              i don’t think wobble is on that
              me: i think they’re all good
              even the later ones
4:10 PM is it to early to have a beer?
              Denesh: no
              it’s never too early
              me: who is pushing your buttons at the moment?
4:11 PM on the music scene?
              Denesh: locally or otherwise?
              me: locally preferably.. though don’t suppose that geography is a huge factor
              Denesh: errr pheromoans
4:12 PM bomber jackets (another band featuring Russell)

Bomber Jackets – Centurion Timeline (from “Centurion Travel” EP on Night School)

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              i dunno i don’t like many bands in london
              i like the new heatsick record
              it’s great
              me: i have ‘intersex’ is that one?
              Denesh: deviation
              just came out
4:13 PM   has this mental track on the second side
              me: oh, well i liked ‘intersex’
              Denesh: yeah intersex is really good

Heatsick – Ice Cream on Concrète (from “Intersex” on PAN)

Heatsick – Déviation (from “Déviation” on PAN)

              ok ok
              me: i got it with ghedalia tazartes

Ghédalia Tazartès live with David Fenech, Jac Berrocal, Quentin Rollet:

Ghédalia Tazartès – Un amour si grand qu’il nie son objet (from “Diasporas”, reissued by Alga Marghen)

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              Denesh: how about this
              how about this
4:14 PM we edit out the most of the interview apart from this part:
              «is it to early to have a beer?
              me: no
              it’s never too early»
              me: ha, ok
              the only band in london i liked were Pens
              no joke
              but they split up
              Denesh: I forgot to pay my council tax and now they sent some kind of court
              me: just as they were getting good
              who are pens?
              i think i remember doig talking about them
              me: ..
              they were three women

Pens – Freddy (from “Hey Friend, What you doing?” on De Stijl)

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4:16 PM
              Denesh: ffs
              they don’t even bother collecting the rubbish in n15 every week yet they expect               council tax?
4:17 PM ffs
              so what have you been listening to recently?
4:18 PM me: someone put a bag of dog shit in my recycling bin the other week, so not only               would they not take my recycling, but i had to remove the dog shit and put it in my               bin
              i would have preferred it if the dog owner had just left it on the pavement – and let               us take our chances
              Denesh: haha
4:19 PM me: and then my recycling wasn’t collected for ages after because of the poxy               jubilee
              which drove me to alcohol
              hence more recycling!
 4:20 PM
              me: what have i been listening to recently.. the old Heatsick record.
              Denesh: ok
              me: score prediction for tonight?
 4:21 PM Denesh:
              italy 0 spain 3
              me: space 0 italy 1
              Denesh: space
              awful band
              me: ha – that was an accident
              Denesh: neighbourhood
              me: but we said the same score – so it definitely won’t be 1-0 to italy
              balotelli is going to headbutt mark lawrenson
              Denesh: i didn’t like it when balotelli stamped on parkers face
4:22 PM or that tackle on song
              he’s a funny guy but he goes too far sometimes
              me: people seem to indulge him
              Denesh: yes because the english public loves guys like this
              linekar loves him
              me: he’s kitsch
              Denesh: he’s openly declared that he thinks he’s cool
4:23 PM  me: i prefer pirlo. he looks about as fit as i am
              but nobody can get the ball of him
              Denesh: pirlo is not a real person
i said the other night to hannah that he looked like he was in an alt country               band
              Denesh: he;s like the guy from the stella advert
              retro european yuppie cool
              me: ha ha
4:24 PM Denesh: i’m more amazed taht someone like pirlo actually exists than in his                football ability
              me: iniesta is probably better, but he is much fitter
              Denesh: yeah but iniesta doesn’t have the same glamour
              me: so its not a fair comparison
4:25 PM    Denesh: it’s like if james bond was a footballer
              me: buffon is quite a handsome guy
              Denesh: he loves musollini
              me: ?!?!??
              Denesh: it’s true
              loads of those italian footballers love musolini
              di canio
              even that aquilani
              me: di canio is at sweden now
4:26 PM   Denesh: swindon
              me: i mean swindon
              Denesh: hah
              i have to go sort this council tax thing out
              me: yep… speak soon !
              Denesh: ok speak later
4:27 PM   me: how to copy & paste this?