Entr’acte mix by Giuseppe Ielasi

Entr’acte is a record label based in London and run by Allon Kaye (nom de plume of R. de-Chantecler). Most of the releases (well, all of them except for the 12″ records) are sealed under vacuum. The only way to have access to the music is to tear apart the sleeve, loosing any possible ‘collectors value’. No downloadable versions (except for the ‘illegal’ but well accepted pirate versions). No images, same font and a few variations of shape and color for the sleeve.
Most of the releases come from demos that Allon received, and there’s no difference at all in the way the debut cd of a young artist is presented and promoted in comparison to one of a more established musician.                                                                                             

What the buyer gets is just music (finally !): pure, stripped down, in most cases beautiful, at least engaging / interesting in some way. In an age of ‘amazingly packaged nothing’, and that goes for every field including sound and art, what looks like a suicidal choice, is probably the only possible one.

Last february Entr’acte released my new solo cd, together with the new Bellows (me and Nicola Ratti). What a relief to be able to release music with no cover image, no title and finally no press text !

Giuseppe Ielasi – Entr’acte Mix – Tracklist (times are approximate):

00’00″ – S R Hess: System Failure extract (E88 cassette, out of print)
03’30″ – The Automatics Group: Summer Mix (E130 cd)
08’15″ – Evapori: Transkript 17 (E74 lp)
10’30″ – John Wall / Alex Rodgers: Work 2006-2011 (E114 cd)
13’30″ – Adam Sonderberg: American Hours with German Efficiency (E116 cassette)
15’20″ – Jacques Beloeil: Bidules (E64 lp)
18’10″ – Adam Asnan: Fancies (E101 cassette, out of print, cd reissue forthcoming)
20’10″ – Esther Venrooy: The Spiral Staircase (E50 lp)
24’30″ – Bellows: Reelin’ (E128 cd)
27’25″ – Strategy: Noise Tape Reggae (E62 7″)
30’30″ – Dj Ordeal: Seagull (E39 lp)
31’45″ – Ben Gwilliam / Michel Vorfeld: Laute (E97 cd)
33’40″ – Renato Rinaldi: Time Machines III (cd, forthcoming in 2012)
35’40″ – Adam Sonderberg: American Hours with German Efficiency (E116 cassette)
37’50″ – Ian Middleton: Time Building (E66 lp)

Download the whole mix + tracklist + cover (made by Clarence Manuelo from Volcano The Bear):

Giuseppe-Ielasi-Entracte-Mix.zip (headphones & serenity recommended)