HOT & COLD – INTERVIEW By Alex Zhang Hungtai

Hot & Cold Brothers

Hot & Cold currently has a tape release out on the excellent Night People Records. Listen to their tunes here.

I’ve known the Frank brothers for a few years now, since Simon helped booked my first Beijing show at D-22 (when he was only 16? or 18? God I feel old…), but besides from being kindred spirits on Asian food and all food in general, we also share the same kind of displacement in our upbringing and world view, which is perhaps why I am attracted to them as human beings and also the sounds they make.  They have seen much of the world at such a young age yet they digested all that information so well and pursue their craft with sincere engagement that is almost rare amongst today’s standards, given we are all ADD cases in some ways or another. 

Aesthetics alone does not give you grit, I’ve said this many times.  Living life and accumulating experience is what gives birth to grit.  And like the rest of us from this generation we are obsessed with authenticity, simply because we are surrounded by a disposable culture, in fear that WE might somehow become disposable ourselves at some point or another.  But when something is real, you can usually feel it, whether its from a emotional point of view or a cerebral exercise test scan.  Whatever motives that drive a band is not of my concern or of interest. What I want to hear is a band that makes me fucking DRIVE.

Alas, I’ve done and read a lot of interviews in the past year but I feel like they always miss out on the key points in the make up of a band: Does your background directly correlates to and influence what equipment you can obtain and utilize (or choose, if you’re financially more viable), what it means to us as musicians in this day and age and how to utilize technology cheaply and efficiently.  Although they are brief questions, this is usually what I want to know the most about a band.  I want to know who they are as real people, where they grew up and where they lived, and what kind of equipment they use.  You can know A LOT about a band in these 2 questions.  Kinda like speed dating. Are you religious? Do you smoke? Lets get on with this before I side track even more…


Hey Dudes

1) Please tell us where you were born, and where you have lived up to this point.

Simon: Josh was born in Montreal, and I was born in Ottawa a few years later. After only a year our family moved to Manila. In 1994 we went to Beijing for the first time, and by 1997 we moved on to Hong Kong.

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Interview Of Mike Griffin’s Parashi By Eric Hardiman From Tape Drift

Mike Griffin, proprietor of the up and coming Skell label, has been recording and performing as the enigmatic Parashi for a few years now, and has been making well-deserved waves in the DIY tape/noise scene. His most recent tapes and live shows have demonstrated an ability to branch out into new sonic realms, while always retaining a signature Parashi sound. His music dwells in the micro level details, allowing us to fully explore the implications of each timbre and tone. Predominantly electronic in nature, Parashi has also incorporated electro-acoustic elements into his work, and uses a variety of sound sources, including his own field recordings. The resulting mix has referents in noise, electronic minimalism, and musique concrete, blending inspirations seamlessly to achieve an intensely hypnotic effect on the listener. Griffin’s most recent tape, “Silenus” was just released on the Retrograde tape label, and marks a fascinating foray into using more overtly rhythmic elements in his music.

“Tell me how you got interested in creating music.

I always wanted to do it, and taught myself to play guitar. It took a lot of time to get to

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