1) Donation PageFunctioning of Amour & Discipline

  • On the A&D donation page, it will be possible to send a free donation to any indie artist/label.
  • You’ll just have to type in their name, choose an amount, and if you want to, write a message for the band/label. Then, our mission will be to send them these donations.
  • To cover our costs, we decided that those using A&D will simply choose if and how much they want to give us (from zero up to twenty percent maximum of their donation to the band/label), once bank fees are paid.
  • We’ve already listed around 2,000 labels and 35,000 bands/artists on our database. If someone wants to donate to a band or label that is not yet in our database, we’ll try hard and find them.
  • The golden rule of the A&D system is that artists always have the final word in the money partition of the donations they may receive. They can decide to keep everything or to share with their label(s). However, you can imagine it was physically impossible to ask every artist listed on our database his/her preferences beforehand. Although we can manage to find most of labels contacts, it is not possible to find all artists. This is why, in the event that we don’t have a band’s e-mail, donations will be sent to its label, who will then have to equally (50/50) share  it with the band. For artists/bands who have released full albums on different labels, the donation will be shared between all parties (50% to the band, 50% to be equally distributed among the labels). We don’t count 7-inch releases, otherwise A&D’s database would be too complicated, but we do count cassettes or CD-R.
  • Artists just have to write to us if they want to proceed differently. They can receive the donations all directly instead of receiving 50% while the label(s) receives the remaining 50%.  Every artist can also decide what labels he wants us to include (or exclude) in the share. So if you’re an artist/a band and want to change the money partition of the donations you may receive, you can do so by going to Info -> Participate to A&D -> Contribute to Database.
  • Of course, people can also send donations specifically to a label.
  • The entire list of donations will be available on our website. We want to be as transparent as possible to everyone (givers, bands, labels).
  • If a label refuses a gift, we’ll propose it to the band. If the band refuses the gift too, we’ll refund the giver. We don’t have to ask permission when we want to offer a gift to someone, but he still has the right to refuse it.
  • By default, givers will remain anonymous. But if they’d rather not, it is possible to subscribe to the band/label newsletter.
  • Everyone can help us improve the database. Just go to Info -> Participate to A&D -> Contibute to Database.


2) A&D Collective Webzine

The webzine is written by bands, labels & activists (promoters, venues, cool booking agents, other webzines etc.).

The main idea is to ask contributors to talk about their favorite indie bands/labels that deserve more public recognition. We don’t want to be slaves of the endless race to novelty, so it doesn’t matter how brand new a band is or if it split up two decades ago, as long as we can reach the label/band to possibly send them donations.

The form will obviously vary : reviews, feature articles, interviews, mixtapes, musical diaries…

We met most of the bands contributing to A&D webzine while organizing their show at Grrrnd Zero, the DIY venue we run in Lyon, France. We also wrote to other people whose works and ethics we love. We want to thank everyone (bands, labels, activists) a billion times for granting us their trust and sending us great contributions before A&D even launched.

If you are involved in band, a label, a webzine/blog, a radio show, a venue etc. and want to participate to A&D webzine, write us to webzine@amour-discipline.org.


3) A&D Links Everywhere

We don’t want to promote Gift Economy only on our website. We hope to be linked on a lot of other websites (webzines, blogs, labels or bands websites…). We propose them to insert one button, somewhere on their website, or links at the end of posts. Practically, if someone uses this link, we offer to equally share the donations for A&D with them (not the label/band part of course, only the A&D part). Bands/labels can also put A&D links on their websites. We strongly encourage them to put their own donate buttons, but we still think it’s important to create a website/third party gathering everyone and actively promoting Gift Economy.

If you want to implement A&D button/links on your website, you can write to links@amour-discipline.org


4) FAQ

(Which Will Make Much More Sense When The Donation Page Will Be Up And Running)

I’ve just sent a donation but no download has started.  Aren’t you selling music on a pay-what-you-want basis?  

No, we don’t sell music, we offer people to support indie artists and labels. We think everyone already knows how to get music, so another tool to buy it is unnecessary.

What? Why should I give money without actually getting something for it?

We don’t think of A&D as “paying money without getting something” : thanks to those who share, we have access to all the music ever produced — and that’s quite something. Therefore we could decide to give something back to artists/labels we love.

Sharing? You mean you endorse piracy and theft?

Maybe you should read our Manifesto.

Oh, so you’re another donation hippie system like Flattr. What’s the difference between Flattr and A&D?

Flattr is based on an available funds system : you add funds to your account and then, when you’re on a website with the the Flattr button, you use part of the money that’s in your account by clicking on it. If you add 5 euros to your account each month and click on 50 different Flattr buttons, the websites using this device will get 10 cents each. Flattr takes a 10% cut on every transaction, so some people say Flattr is the only one to make money, and that the sums that remain for the users are always ridiculous. We don’t share this opinion, and it seems to us that Flattr is a great project. But, contrary to what Flattr offers, each donation on A&D is a single operation. You choose the value of your donation in the sole purpose of giving money to a band or label for their releases. It’s not exactly the same thing as dividing your funds depending on the websites you visit (which is also a cool possibility).
We also try to make the people who receive donations get involved, with the collective webzine for example.
Finally, people has to register in order to receive donations through Flattr. With A&D, you can send a donation to any independent artist or label.

Is it really possible to give to any independent band/label on this planet?

Yes, A&D’s aim with this alternative Gift Economy model truly is to enable you to give money to anyone involved in independent music.
So we’re trying to assemble a database with bands and independent labels as large as possible. If you don’t find a band/label in this database, you can help us add it in order to make a donation to them. In the months to come, we’ll continue to expand our database and all A&D users are also invited to improve it. Thanks to the Internet, most of recent bands/labels are quite easily findable. A&D can also be useful to support bands/labels whose records are out of print. Even if a band has split up,  A&D just needs to reach one of the labels that have released at least one record by this band to send them donations. Of course, a lot of artists will remain unreachable. We may not be able to find this 1967 psychedelic unknown band from Moldavia whom you wanted to send a $2.50 donation to. But we’ll try.

But… Did you ask permission to everyone?

No. When you offer a gift to someone, you don’t ask for their permission before doing so. However, this person has the right to refuse your gift. What’s more, the huge amount of bands and labels that exist makes it physically impossible to ask everyone their explicit consent beforehand.  
Nevertheless, all the labels in our database will be informed of the launch of our website by an email explaining our project. Every band or label is of course free to refuse the donation that’s made to them (a lot of them will probably discover the existence of A&D with the notification of the first donation for that matter). If a band/label refuses a donation, we refund the exact sum to the donor and transfer to him the eventual reasons the band/label gave for their refusal. Then we’ll assemble a database with all the bands/labels that refuse donations, mainly to prevent useless donations.

How can I be sure that my donation goes to the right person?

We have chosen total transparency.
A number is assigned to each donation. A receipt containing this number and summing up all the info about the donation is automatically sent by email to the donor, which enables him/her to keep a record of his/her operation.
On the A&D website, a complete list of the donations that have been made in the past can be consulted online at any time. This repertory lists all the donations made through A&D and their distribution : donation to bands, to labels, to A&D, to blogs/webzines. Among other things, it is meant to enable donors and beneficiaries to be informed in real time of the status of the operation they’re interested in (which is identifiable thanks to the number that has been assigned to the donation) :

  • donation “we’re currently trying to find a way to contact the band”
  • donation “we have contacted the band”
  • donation “payment sent”
  • donation “payment received”

Technically, what happens to my donation before the band/label receives it?

Each donation is collected and registered on the A&D database. Some time is required before the band/labels receives the donation. Why?

  • because sometimes we have to look for the bands/labels that aren’t yet in our databases
  • because we’d rather send several donations at the same time in order to reduce the bank fees
  • because we have to wait for a confirmation from the label/band before sending them the donation

Is my personal information retained?

On A&D, the status of the donor is anonymous by default. Unless the donor says anything to the contrary, we’ll only use the email address s/he’s given us to send her/him the receipt for her/his donation. Once this step is completed, we destroy this data.
If the donor wants to, s/he can communicate his email address to send a message to the band or label s/he is sending a donation to, or to subscribe to their or to the A&D newsletter. We’ll keep the donor’s email address only in the latter case.

Are the transactions secured?

Transactions are secured via Paypal.

What? You’re using Paypal? Why?

Because, unfortunately, there is no solid alternative money transfer system on the Internet, or at least, not yet. Neither Paypal nor standard banks are ethically reputable, so we chose the one that takes the lowest commission (especially on international transfers) to ensure that the smallest part possible of the donations gets lost in banking costs. When a decent alternative to Paypal appears, we’ll jump on the occasion.

Why would I donate money to A&D? And who are you by the way?

Amour & Discipline is a non-profit DIY organization. We don’t get subsidies, nor are we financed by any corporation. A&D is financed by money earned while organizing indie shows for seven years. A&D was created by six people. Most of us are involved in Grrrnd Zero, a DIY French venue/collective. Apart from this core team, numerous activists have joined or will join us in the future, contributing in all kinds of ways (by promoting the alternative model of gift economy, by participating to the webzine or to the database, by helping with translation…).
The donations made to the A&D collective will cover our running costs : server costs, administrative expenses, promotion, eating sandwiches… We think this tool has to exist, even if we have to work very hard for free to make it happen. Most of the bands and labels we like don’t make any profit out of it either. We don’t know if, in the long run, A&D will allow some people to make a living out of it, or if it will always be volunteer work (in this case there will just have to be more of us, because A&D requires crazy work).   
Both options suit us.