Amour & Discipline is a non-profit DIY organization from France.
Our project can be divided into three parts :

  1. A collective ad-free webzine gathering and involving all kinds of actors of the shiny world of underground/indie cultures (bands, labels, activists, promoters, webzines etc).  The webzine has started on march 8th and new contributions are added on a daily basis.

  2. donation platform where people can donate to any independent band or label in the universe. To cover our costs, we’ve decided that A&D users will simply choose if and how much they want to give us. The Donation Platform will be online soon.

  3. A widespread diffusion of A&D links on all kinds of websites to remind people they can support music this way.

A&D is not a place dedicated to music download, but a place to support artists/labels. The only music available is in the webzine, willingly shared by the artists themselves.

If you want to know why we do A&D, please read our Short or Full Manifesto.

If you want to know how A&D works, please read the Functioning section.

If you think the A&D project is relevant, don’t hesitate to spread our URL (via email, social networks, blogs…).

Would you like to help us in any other way, please check the Participate to A&D section.