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NZ’s Kraus & Duckling Monster Are The Maltese Falcons

The Maltese Falcons is a duo featuring Duckling Monster (of Dunedin’s retro-futurists The Futurians) on keyboards/vox. The multi-instrumentalist Kraus rounds out the duo on bass, drums, guitar and synth. Kraus hails from Auckland NZ and has been churning out top-notch experimental sounds since 2001. After founding The Futurians, he has gone on to form Olympus (with Stefan Neville of Pumice), Pouffe with vocalist Matt Plunkett, and many other projects while recording solo under the name Kraus. Much of his output is available at and on the Free Music Archive platform. — The Maltese Falcons -  Distress Signal (right click … Continue reading

Bones, Drums & Bass: Crawl Is 1-Man Texas Doom

 Crawl is a one-man experimental sludge project from San Antonio. With his vocal mic shrouded in a parastacoidean mask, Emperor Crawl plays drum with one hand while controlling a bass string instrument made out of actual bones. He likes to build things, he says, and to run this sound through a wall of amps. The result is eloquently blackened doom with nods to Khanate’s Things Viral and Sunn O)))’s Black One.  I was fortunate to witness Crawl’s incredible live performance at Sux by SuxWest, Austin’s second-annual anti-sxsw noise festival. I’d originally biked to way out Bernadette’s for Rat Bastard and … Continue reading