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Andy Moor + DJ/rupture

The refreshing and generous Andy Moor sent this transcription of a transversal discussion he had with Jace Clayton, aka DJ/rupture, conversing about possible meanings for the expression “post-colonial culture”, the uncertain substance of rastafarianism or what DJ tools you should use or not… Music always meets politics.

King Ayisoba

  In 2008 i was in Ghana for the first time. I heard the music of King Ayisoba and bought his two cassettes right away and copied them many many times for friends since then. King Ayisoba is a number one star in Ghana, with a few big hits over the last five years. His song “I Want to see you my Father” is in the hearts and minds of every Ghanaian. King Ayisoba is part of the new Hip-Life scene and changed the scene with his new approach by using traditional instruments and songs together with the beats, bleeps … Continue reading