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Japanther reviews Creepy Teepee Festival

Incomplete festival review and contest. Kuma Hora, Czech Republic – july 13th, 2012.  All the concert goers looked like the future people in Bill and Ted’s. One of them   floated up and shyly asked if I’d judge a contest of a few new bands playing the fest.  I took this request from the future very seriously and these reviews are the result. Planety: Pět minut za městemA dreamy crash-boom-bang traditional pop sound played with force. Heavily effected up beat lead guitars smells like Czech grunge. The lo-fi approach and flavor has me dancing around the room. It doesn’t even matter … Continue reading

In the realm of beasts, there remain many brave warriors

Since the inception of society rebellion has been a staple. These circles keep mankind learned and humble. Be it known, the seeds are sewn in the darkest of corners. In train yards, moldy basement and stale bar rooms. The recordings, texts and art works aren’t easily obtained or deciphered. Often it’s participants remain secretive, some by choice other by circumstance. Never the less the stack of amazing “underground” records on my turntables grows and grows with each passing tour.  Here is a slew of reviews, do with them what you will.  — Pangea – Living Dummy Cassette/LP/ Digital – Burger … Continue reading