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Laurent Jeanneau’s Ethnic Discrepancies

Foreword : Laurent Jeanneau aka Kink Gong is a Frenchman based in Yunnan, southern China, where he specializes in documenting and recording ethnic minority music. He also composes experimental music based around his enumerable field recordings. After contributing with recordings for labels such as Sublime Frequencies and a mind-blowing Ghulja mix for Touch Records, Laurent treats us with a fantastic soundcape journey through the heart of Yunnan. Laurent Jeanneau – Soundscape Yunnan – Ghulja (right click + save as)[Audio clip: view full post to listen]“On this special Yunnan mix, the acoustic recordings are on the foreground, without too much electronics. … Continue reading

The Staircase Conspiracy Tape Vol. 1

The Staircase Conspiracy is an imposingly complex, fluid and organic mixtape/collage showcasing Discrepant‘s musical randomness and embracing lots of points of collision with Cedric Stevens’/The Syncopated Elevators Legacy atmospheres (see Discrepant’s previous post on the subject here). — The Staircase Conspiracy Tape Vol. 1 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download the whole pack. Tracklist:Cédric Stevens – Between The Battle and the Sheets (Fennesz Remix)Roy Porter – TleilaxMarcel Duchamp – The Creative ActBen Frost – StompAndy Moor & Anne-James Chaton – Une Histoire De L’aviationLeyland Kirby – This is the STory of Paradise LostLiz Green – Bad MedicineCédric Stevens … Continue reading

Cedric “Acid Kirk” Stevens

The adventurous multi-modal label/blog/broadcast program Discrepant feeds us with another outsider gem. An introduction to the great work of Cedric “Acid Kirk” Stevens, member of 5-piece psychedelic noise ensemble South Of No North.A 2×12″ LP impetuously named The Syncopated Elevators Legacy has just been released, and it’s time for you to start assembling the clues that will lead you to Stevens’ majestic territories. Cedric Stevens – Glicerine Militante (right click + save as) – Juno 106, Analogue Modular System recorded in The Hermetic Garage in 2004 – (…a discrepant & subliminal toy crash collision)[Audio clip: view full post to listen] … Continue reading