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Dinosaurs, Norwegians and Epic Ensemble in the discotheque

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – Jeans Shopping With Jesse (Made In Kansas) More blown out fucked up fuzz from When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. Had been waiting to hear this one for a considerably long time once I knew it was coming out. Didn’t realize it was going to be as limited as it is though, apparently only 100 made of this mean piece of wax. And mean is most certainly the right way to put it. To anyone that felt the need to unleash the aural bleeding that came as a result of their previous release Peaced, then … Continue reading


 It would be a surprise if Friend Collector was actually out there making good on their name and actually, ya know, making friends. However, judging by the sort of nihilistic noise and message that comes together on the bands debut album they probably aren’t winning them over in droves. As has been the case with Jason Donnells’ past projects such as The New Flesh and Pfisters, where they dished out yet a similar brand of unrelenting brand of noise-rock. Where does Friend Collector stand in the mix of things? Well, certainly more towards the frustrated and violent characteristics of The … Continue reading


  Shoppers are a couple ladies and a guy out of Syracuse, NY that have apparently spent a lot of time spinning records from past wall of noise aficionados in the not so distant NYC. And I mean that in the best of way, as their debut record Silver Year is a rubble reducing blast of incredibly dense noise-rock/punk. The syrupy thick doses of max effort distortion on the record greatly remind me of the under appreciated noise making unit Dustdevils who on many of their records created a very similar atonal type of sound while also working hints of … Continue reading

FNU Ronnies – Saddle Up LP

Somewhere underneath this hot mess of sound from FNU Ronnies lies a formidable punk record. And as one of my good friends lies passed out on the couch basked in the glow of images from Finding Bigfoot, I can’t help but think this record shares similarities to that great elusive beast, the only difference being that Saddle Up is in fact very real. Throughout the album, you hear distinct hints of sound and direction that lead one to believe that punk ultimately reigns supreme here. The thing being, and what has essentially always been in terms of the ‘Ronnies, is … Continue reading