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Soliloquy 1 : Jooklo & Troglosound

Neokarma Jooklo Experience in Villanova dello Judrio (Virginia Genta, Maurizio Abate, Christian Zandonella, Andrea Gulli, Luca Massolin, David Vanzan) Since Sun Ra started to leave Earth in the 70s in a pharaonic egotrip towards greater territories, it seems like there is a crucial « cosmic-occult » vector to explore the heavy catalog of outsider-musics. Something has emerged, perhaps as a sub-sub-musical-genre, as an aesthetic and communitarian alternative, lying in metaphysics dreams, vortexes and parallel dimensions. Some hippie enthusiasts gathering around perception tools as reliable as the love of stars or multi-dimensional travels? The search of meta-terrestrial musics? Why not? Sounds … Continue reading

My week on soulsick – 1

A) The Merciless Wheel Of Novelty (2012 records) Acolytes is (Mysterious first name) “Boseman” (Mysterious last name), a friend of Russell of The Pheromoans. Actually I met him on Soulseek, this P2P culture-sharing network is litteraly crowded with musicians/activists. Boseman is supposed to do a duel interview with Russell for Amour & Discipline, but it will probably take him 7 years as he would rather do nothing or just sit and listen to grime like a fucking chav. However, his first EP on Savoury Days, Known Nonsense, is a true jewel of “creepy and complex psychedelia, an updated take on 80′s … Continue reading

Tonstartssbandht in my bed

After The Endless Post (the great interview of Raven Chacon by John Dieterich of Deerhoof just below, so long and interesting we decided not to post anything for a week), we figured we had to start the webzine again with something lighter. Tonstartssbandht dudes spent a few days in Lyon during their european tour. Besides a memorable secret show, they played a few songs in my room right after waking up, fifteen minutes before leaving to Berlin (where they will play at Marie Antoinette on may 30th). Check other remaining tourdates here.Sorry for the awful sound, we just couldn’t find … Continue reading


The brilliant Northern Spy record label will soon host the second SPY MUSIC FESTIVAL, “a sprawling music marathon running from June 29th through July 15th featuring 46 sets of music presented at 7 venues across New York City”. Tickets are cheap, sponsors don’t suck (Tiny Mix Tapes, Jump Arts…), people will get to drink a special Northern Spy brew, and most of all the line-up would even arouse Besse Cooper. But if you don’t live in New York, don’t be sad. First, don’t forget this city is full of dreary insecure anxious human beings who rent 17 square meters apartments … Continue reading

Félicité of A&D had some great news today

So we need to listen incidental music. For example, this bamboulastic song from the Cameroonian Paul Pendja Ensemble. Their only findable recording comes from the compilation Black Mirror : Reflections in Global Musics. This comp is composed of tracks from about twenty countries or so, recorded between 1918 and 1955. The whole thing comes from the Ian Nagoski’s 78 rpm private collection, a record shop owner from Baltimore. Cheers Ian. Paul Pendja Ensemble – Ngo Mebou Melane (Right Click/Save As)[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

wandering on the interweb – 1

Foreword: There will be a lot of ridiculous spelling mistakes in this post, cos our charming sub-editor is asleep. Pardon me and don’t forget i’m french. — 1) Amen Dunes via Incubate festival’s blog: Last year, Damon Mc Mahon/Amen Dunes released a petrifying and tormented psych-pop album that could save your life, Through Donkey Jaw. In the last few days, he has self-released a 7″ entitled Ethio Covers. Damon says it consists of “a downer take on three Ethiopiques tracks culled from unnamed tapes. A slow motion glow of devotion and nostalgia, filtered through New York City summertime haze”.You can … Continue reading

532 000 blogs/webzines wrote about the same thing today

  And as I have an emotionally obsessive instable relationship with this band, I’ll join the flock. I’ll keep it concise this time, but you can expect a convoluted two-hundred line review of their forthcoming album (due next september). So. Animal Collective are streaming two brand new songs on their website from a new 7″ due out in June. Honeycomb goes “My inner universe lays on three axioms: 1) The King Lion is the best movie ever2) using bleep-bloop machines is funny 3) my meaningful experiments with peyote back in high school gave me the eternal power to hand-knit unlikely … Continue reading

Stunning video – 3

Chris Corsano just self-released Cut. This is solo stuff, Chris’s drum set is “augmented by various re-purposed metal objects, modified reed instruments and bowed strings stretched across drums”. And it is beautiful. Here you can see some video footage taken from the recording process. It should be enough to make you want to praise him and give him all your money without a second thought.

The Beauty of the world revealed

  The Man Eric Copeland is 34% of booty-noise heroes Black Dice — he’s the one who looks like the sexy blond version of a goblin with a cap.   The Past Generally speaking, Hermaphrodite is an adjective which designates beings both male and female, capable of impregnating themselves and giving birth to creatures probably too dumb to walk. Hermaphrodite was also the name of Eric Copeland’s first album ( Paw Tracks, 2008). This album can take you to places where no one ever breathed: Eric Copeland – Green Burrito [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 file … Continue reading

GRRRND ZERO – Call For Support + Stunning Video Compilations

Grrrnd Zero is a bunch of naïve enthusiastic volunteers / activists with no leader, whose ambition is to develop an open and fastidious auto-run space dedicated to underground / unconventional / DIY / alternative arts in Lyon, France. Grrrnd Zero did hundreds of insane shows in the past seven years. Most of the Amour & Discipline crew is highly involved in Grrrnd Zero. Grrrnd Zero sure is a strange venue :  We try to offer affordable rates, from free donation (for example, we hosted Deerhoof, Tune Yards, Dirty Projectors, Black Dice or Deerhunter on a free donation basis) to €10 maximum … Continue reading