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too bad too bad

  Painless forsaking explained to you in one minute and eighteen seconds.Note that it took Freddie Perren and Dino Ferakis (who wrote “I will survive”) about thrice the time. Terorotua and his Orchestra – Elle Est Partie (click right + save as) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] These are the lyrics, in case you don’t understand French with a Tahitian accent : She left while slamming he doorShe left, may she go to hellRunning after her isn’t my jobThat’s just for the neighborhood dogsI hope that one dayI will learn that she diedThat a big truck has mushed … Continue reading

Revenge of The Carrots

  Revenge Of The Carrots used to be a punk band from Zaan, an industrialized district of North-Holland where squats throve around the end of the 20th century, and where The Ex formed. The only thing they ever recorded was an eponymous 7″, released in 1991 by Konkurrel. Three gripping songs which make the atrophy of their discography all the more deplorable. Pim (guitar) also played with another great band, Donkey, and later started with Marco (vocals) The Bent Moustache and De Kift. — Revenge ot the Carrots – Human [Audio clip: view full post to listen] — Download the … Continue reading

our weeks on soulseek – 2

Two weeks ago, OSR tapes put out the first album of Better Psychics, twenty tracks of collaborative live mixing between Chris Weisman and Zach Phillips of Blanche Blanche Blanche, both international ambassadors of Brattleboro, Vermont.It kind of sounds like a blend of early Psychic TV albums and Sebadoh cassettes, with sprinkles of woodsy experimental folk and acousmatic bossa nova on top. (it’s outstanding).I never buy cassettes, as the closest tape player i could use is in the old family car, but I pre-ordered theirs as an inticement to finally get my driver’s licence and drive around while blissfully listening to … Continue reading

Bill Orcutt + Chris Corsano = Aesthetic Shock

The Santa Claus of Adventurous Music (via beard and gifts to humanity) + The First Post-Human (via insane drums skills and mutant metabolism allowing him to never age) playing live together. Sadly we can’t see the audience, who are most likely running naked on the walls. Watch it full screen, with decent speakers. Recorded by Keith Fullerton Whitman. This video is released under a Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike licence, so don’t hesitate to download and share it. – Chris Corsano is touring now over Europe with Rangda (his cowboy psych trio with Ben Chasny and Sir Richard Bishop). … Continue reading

Death Grips stick their cock in the eye of sony music, release their new album for free, let anyone make money with it, then change their mind about it

Many people wound up on this post through various sources (Death Grips Twitter account, Brooklyn Vegan, Tiny Mixtapes, CorruptFork…). If you’re into weird hip hop, you should also listen to the amazing band Clipping. They are not this week’s epicentre of the Hype, but they do mindblowing music. Don’t let machiavelian PR schemes fool you, the bear is the actual album cover. Last february, I was disappointed to learn that Death Grips, a wonderful trio making angry fractured hip hop (with The Magnificent Zach Hill on drums, Andy Morin on keyboards and Stefan Burnett on vocals), had signed a major … Continue reading

Clipping – Our world is a ruin

  I suppose you have noticed it, more and more blogs/webzines/old medias have developped the quite peculiar habit of getting carried away by bands that have recorded only one or two mp3s, and/or to write about records which won’t be released until several months. These cultural phenomena have deep and multiple causes, although today we will briefly touch upon a few of them: On the media sideIf you want to get some attention among the thousands of billions of posts cracking everyday on the interweb, you have three options: 1) To be the first2) To be interesting3) To be funny … Continue reading

News from the front – 2

  1) What a surprise! Two more studies confirm that people who share files illegally actually spend more money on culture than the rest of the population. – The first study is a new extract from the much-awaited Copy Culture in America and Germany, made by Joe Karaganis and Lennart Renkema. The study focuses on music and notably shows that people who are illegally sharing culture (online or offline) buy 30% more music than those who don’t. It also reveals that large parts of people’s music collections come from friends and family, and that for the younger generation, most of … Continue reading

Ejaculation Death Rattle

Ejaculation Death Rattle – O (right click + saves as)[Audio clip: view full post to listen] There are some things that never step out of the shadows. Some objective facts which remain confidential. Facts that no one knows about, or wants to know about.It applies to the true essence of financial capitalism (i.e. to artificially create movement of values based on a monstrous nothing-system whose self-proclaimed autonomy seems to have no other purpose than going deeper and deeper into dehumanization), or about how a streaming service such as Spotify chooses to split the benefits made from its use of other’s … Continue reading

Wandering in Brussels

  06/19/12 – HEADWAR @ KHEDIVE WHATHeadwar are wild children from Amiens. They also happen to be the best french live act for a few years: love of dissonance, no-wave/punk guitars, dementia shriekings, frenzied avalanches, crushing bass, hammered tribalism, ear-drilling synth. Plus something which reveals the Beast laying in each of us.Headwar generate a creepy golem out of sound and then they tame it, control it, alter it, caress it, until it is unleashed and swallows everyone. And then people return to a primal state, sweat, bleed, climb on each other, bite each other (it actually happened to me. I … Continue reading